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"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton you might as well make it dance."

-- George Bernard Shaw

    NEW:  BABY NEWS !   










o "The LeGassick Watch" 

11-Feb-12  Charles opened the box and inside was a beautiful watch... a "LeGassick" watch.  The watch was a gift from Ted and Shirley LeGassick of the Gold Coast, founders of the LeGassick Collections jewelry stores.  Ted and Shirley met Charles in Plymouth on their visit to the UK last year.  Ted and Shirley have turned over the day-to-day operation of the business to the next generation to make room for a little more travel in retirement.  For more information on the three stores (Logan Hyperdome, Runaway Bay Shopping Village and Robina Town Centre) visit











o A Big Year...

... but your website administrator spent most of it working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (I live in Los Angeles).  I also switched from a PC to a MAC so travel with a computer that cant run my website software.  Blah, blah, blah I know.  I will do better in 2012 so if you have a story and pictures you want to get on the site send them to me at







o Preston Le Gassick Wins Gold Coast Blaze Rookie of the Year 2010/11 !

30-Aug-2010:  Continuing the line of championship basketball players named "Le Gassick" in Australia, young Preston Le Gassick wins the Gold Coast Blaze Rookie of the Year 2010/11.  Preston's father Brendan was honored in 1989 by the Australia Institute of Sport for his basketball career.  Preston's mother Sara says " I'm sooooo excited for him !!! He wins (us) a family season membership valued at $1000 ... and also gets his own Blaze uniform and runs out on court with the Blaze players at their first home game on Sunday 24th Oct !!! "


Preston Le Gassick


Preston and his father are also big Lakers fans (see story below "Australia comes to California").

The Blaze:




o South Africa, The BIG Picture

17-Apr-10:  With lots of help we now have a pretty good "start" on the Legassick family of South Africa.  Follow this link to the BIG picture.





o Scottish Legassicks ?

15-Apr-10:   Cyril (Sandy) le Gassick lives in Aberdeen, Scotland and has descendants today in the United States.  Sandy was born in Medway, England.  If you look further back into the family's genealogy it is possible to "get confused" into thinking that there are family members originating from Scotland.  Now, after some research (by our noted genealogy guru Sue Legassick Simpson) we can now confirm that there are no "Legassick" or "Gassick" family of Scottish descent.  However, there are loads of  very Scottish GRASSICKS!!!

Sue says: "The confusion came because in the 1841 census there are Gassicks in the index for Brechin in Angus, and in the 1881 census there are Gassicks in Aberdeen. HOWEVER having looked at the original census on Scotlands People they are definitely GRASSICK.  The IGI threw up lots of Grassicks as did all the censuses.  Some Grassicks also emigrated to Canada and USA and a doctor Grassick became famous.  The only Le Gassick came in the 1881census. This was a John B Legassick who was a student probably at Edinburgh University and was born in England (no further details)."

o Australia Comes to California

4-Apr-10:  Brendan and Sara Le Gassick and their two very cute children Preston & Paige are in California on vacation with their friends for two weeks.  They've just done 4 days at Disneyland and a Lakers game (this afternoon), then to Universal Studios, Las Vegas, San Francisco, down to San Diego for the zoo and water parks before returning home.  After the Lakers game today they met some of the Le Gassicks from California (Greg, Gale and son Josh) at the ESPN Zone sports restaurant.  Met, like for the first time.  Ever.  As we are all related we are, by blood, actually cousins... but you have to go back to about 1700 for the common ancestor!  Brendan descends like most of the Le Gassicks in Australia from Alfred Jacob b1861 St Peter Port, Guernsey who immigrated to Victoria, New Zealand.



Clockwise: Greg, Paige,Gale, Josh, Sara, Preston, Brendan






o The Florida LeGassicks Connect To The Tree...

1-Apr-10:  Jerry, Jaime and their three children Janice, Seth and Kelsey-Lee are related to the Le Gassick family of California.  The short story is that John Le Gassick b1820 in Tiverton had an older brother George b1815.  John ended up in Southern California via Kingston Ontario.  George also went to Canada and his whole story is still being uncovered.  Jerry and his family descend from George.  More details to follow and a Family page to come soon. 



o "Complete Database" Update (1st in last 12 months)

5-Mar-10:  A new version of the complete database is now available.  This version includes a variety of updates mostly addressing the family in Australia and major updates for the family in south Africa.  To download it go here


o The Legassick House, Updated Research

5-Mar-10:  On18-Apr-09 we introduced you to The Legassick House which is located in the quaint little neighborhood of Plympton St. Maurice (Plymouth).  Sue (Legassick) Simpson has picked up the research and done her normal superb job of detailing the history of this home.  Find the updated research here.


o South Africa News

5-Mar-10:  Another quite amazing coincidence...  Brian Le Gassick of Johannesburg was searching the internet and came across another Brian Legassick-- living in Plymouth, Devon, England.  They struck up an email conversation and shortly began examining genealogy, of course!  In South Africa Brian was a singer and guitarist in the popular band The Stacattos.  In Plymouth Brian manages the retrofitting of large (very large) vessels for the British Navy. 


Brian Legassick, Plymouth

Brian Le Gassick, Johannesburg



o The Webmaster's Update

4-Mar-10:  2009 was a very busy year for me and as a result I made few updates to the website and managed to collect close to 50 emails that are sitting in my "Genealogy To Complete" file.  I have now begun to work through them and although it will take some time rest assured I will get to the very last one. 


Work has continued on the "early" members of the family. 

  • Richard Grylls has produced new family trees which are yet to be loaded on the website-- but will soon, I promise.

  • Sue (Legassick) Simpson has retired from her career as a teacher in Frome, Somerset and has resumed her research to round out a life of travel and spending time with her husband and grown boys.


Besides a busy year of work and travel I became a grandfather to a very sweet little girl named Cailyn Rose Le Gassick


Proud Grandma, Cailyn loves hats, Posing at 6 Weeks?









o WELCOME Cailyn Rose Le Gassick...

27-Dec-09:  Ryan and Nikki Le Gassick became proud parents of their first child, Cailyn Rose Le Gassick on December 27, 2009.  Miss Cailyn Rose weighed in at 7lbs 1oz and measured 19 inches long.  Baby, mother and father are all in excellent shape.




o South Africa Update

19-Jun-09:  We have some recent information on the Legassick family in Durban and with a little more help may be able to connect to the Henry Legassick b abt 1720 & Christian Puttaven branch of the family.  There is an updated "tree" for both the family in Durban and the family in Pretoria here.  IF you have any information to contribute please forward to



o The Legassick House, Plymouth

18-Apr-09:  In the quaint little neighborhood of Plympton St. Maurice (Plymouth) sits the Legassick House.  A search of the records in the Land Registry indicate that it was built in 1710.  For more pictures follow this link



o Family Meets Family ... in Los Angeles

22-Mar-09:  Brian and Sharon Legassick of Plymouth, England arrived Los Angeles for a California holiday and to meet the LeGassick family in California.  They stayed at the home of Greg & Gale LeGassick.  Greg, his brother Rich and sister Sue are part of the Legassick World Search research team and first met Brian in Plymouth last July.  For a photo journal of their trip go here


o New "Complete Database" Available

1-Mar-09:  A new version of the complete database is now available.  For a summary of the changes and to download it go here


o Another Baby... Welcome Little Jack to the World

25-Feb-09:  Stuart and Margaret LeGassick of Bath, Somerset announce the birth of grandchild #6... little Jack... born to their daughter Danielle and Nicolas.  Jack is named after Margaret's brother who died tragically at the age of 20 from pneumonia.  Baby, parents and the rest of the family doing well.  This picture was taken on Easter. 



o Identifying Family Members in South Africa

18-Feb-09:  We have known for several years that there were one, maybe two families in South Africa but have not been able to identify the family members.  Using Facebook we have now identified about 10 descendants but are still working to build the family tree there and connect it together-- probably with with a family in Cornwall.  See what we have so far.



o Ermington Legassicke Descendants in California

6-Feb-09:  If you trace her ancestry back far enough you will end up with John Legassicke born about 1570-80 and died in Ermington in 1606!  Christine b1942 (Hazel Allison Christine Hatton-Ward) lives in San Diego and recently retired as a school teacher.  In this picture taken Christmas 2008 Christine (front, red sweater) is with her boys, their wives, grandchildren and the family dog.





o James Legassicke of Modbury

1-Feb-09:  A transcript of James Legassike's Will, A Codicil to a previous will and the Probate of his estate is now available here.  Thanks to Sue nee Legassick Simpson for doing the hard work of reading that really old English and producing readable text.


o WELCOME Jaxson Jason LeGassick ... The Newest LeGassick

26-Jan-09:  Jodi and Jason LeGassick of Manchester, Iowa have just delivered a new baby boy to the world.  Jaxson Jason weighed in at 8' 12 oz  and is sure to follow in his father's footsteps... driving those big tractors!  Well, he can start with the toy ones for a couple years.  Jaxson was born on January 26th and joins siblings James, Jordyn and Jenavieve.  CONGRATULATIONS JODI and JASON!


o New Tree-1 (Ermington) Available

25-Jan-09:  Richard Grylls and Sue Simpson continue to refine the early years (1600-1800) and as a result there is a new version of Tree-1 (Ermington) available here. 


IMPORTANT NOTE ON VIEWING THE FILES:  The Tree files appear differently on different screens and in different browsers.  Probably when you first open one of the trees it will be too small to read.  If you "click" on it it might then become too large to see the whole picture!  The solution for those of you who use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is to use the plus (+) key or minus (-) key while holding down the CTRL key.  This will increase/decrease the image size accordingly.



o DOUBLE BIG News From Portland, Oregon...

24-Jan-09:  Julie Mayers Le Gassick delivered two beautiful baby girls (twins) in Portland this weekend!  The girls, Sadie and Stella make three girls for Jeff and Julie-- their first daughter is Ivy.  The whole family is seen below.  Two more LeGassick babies... the world is happy.  Congratulations Julie and Jeff-- and grandfather Trevor!




o New "Complete Database" Available

24-Jan-09:  As result of changes made to the master database we have made a new version of the same available for download here.  This version incorporates changes to the Benjamin John Legassicke family line-- Benjamin and wife Annie Jane Montgomery had 5 daughters and 5 sons--- and are the main source of the Legassicke family members across Canada.  George of Hope Cove is also added with wife Elizabeth Ash Partridge and their children.  A future update will incorporate their issue which are yet to be identified.


o George Legassick of Hope Cove

24-Jan-09:  We have received a photo of George Legassick, wife Elizabeth Ash Partridge and two of their sons from Barbara Parish nee Perring.  George was born 1854 and lived an amazing 98 years!  He was the Harbormaster of Hope Cove and the family were important in the fishing industry there for many years.



o Roy John Benjamin Legassicke

22-Jan-09:  Made contact with Roy Benjamin John Legassicke of Keene, Ontario today.  Roy is an octogenerian, retired several times, swims daily and still married to his lovely wife Lucy.  After searching records we found that he is descended from Benjamin John Legassicke b1861 London who immigrated to Toronto and had five sons and five daughters.  This means that Roy is related in a fairly close way to most of the Legassicke family across Canada.  We hope to have a few pictures to share soon.


o Deed from 1497/8 found by The National Archives!

10-Jan-09:  Researcher Richard Grylls is now in possession of a set of historical documents referencing members of the Legassick family.  One of the documents mentions a deed made in 1497/8!  It will take some time before the document is transcribed and we know exactly who the party was and what land the deed refers to... but stay tuned!


o The New Website Is Finally Here !

8-Jan-09:  The new Legassick Family Website is finally here and we do hope that you like it and find it valuable.  While it is being launched today there is still a lot of work to complete some of the sections.  While the best way to learn about it is to just start playing with it we do have one suggestion and one request.

  • Suggestion:  Go to the Complete Database section and download the most recent version of the entire Legassick Family Database.  You can put a copy on your own computer and play with it while you are at the coffee shop! 

  • Request:  This version is formatted so that we can present a "snapshot" of all living families.  This is in addition to the historical/ancestral data and research which will continue to be presented.  Essentially, the site is designed so that each living family can post a 1-page overview of their family.  One example can be seen here.  If you provide some simple text talking about your family and a few photos, we can add reports and descendant charts to fill out the genealogy.  We will be sending out more information about this in the next few weeks. 

o News From Portland, Oregon

5-Jan-09:  The research team has made contact with Jeff Le Gassick in Portland, Oregon.  Jeff is the son of Trevor Le Gassick (b1935, Medway) of Ann Arbor Michigan, and grandson of Edward Charles (Ted) Le Gassick (b1902, Medway). 


o Richard Grylls Research

1-Jan-09:  One of the most exciting things that has been happening over the past couple months is the genealogy research done by Richard Grylls of Tring.  It would be hard to do justice to his contribution, and I think that will be clear to you as well when you review his work.  For this "News" flash lets just say that all Legassicks interested in their heritage are indebted and grateful. 









o Big (Electronic) Family Christmas...

13-Dec-08:  Today we made history!  Members of the George Elmer Le Gassick (b1892) family in Southern California AND members of the Charles Legassick (b1927) family in Plymouth shared a teleconference Christmas using the Skype program!  About 20 people participated from both sides of the pond.




On the left we are talking to Plymouth from Los Angeles.  The next two photos owe their existence to some real Legassick creativity.  In the center are Robert (Santa Barbara, California) and Charles (Plymouth, England)... but Charles' face was a photograph mounted on a stick and held up to make it appear they were together!  and the one on the right... from left to right: Sharon, Greg, Charles, Sue, Trent and Brian.  But... Sharon, Charles and Brian are all photographs mounted on sticks!  The moral: you just can't keep family apart!


o Webmaster On A Genealogy Break

30-Sept-08 to an-08  Your webmaster was on a break!  I was building a spa in our backyard in Los Angeles, which I completed on December 11th.  I was the "general contractor" and "assistant to the handyman."  We built forms, ran pipe, poured cement and laid tile.  And a whole lot more.  A couple photos...  Before, After & the Christening.


o Keeping A Sharp Eye On Things...

30-Sept-08:  As they passed Exeter on their trip from Plymouth to Collumpton for Falconry Days the rain stopped and the skies cleared.  Sharon Legassick had a great time, as the pictures show.  And husband Brian tells it "Luckily we did not bring back any owls !!!!!!"




o New Families from Toronto

21-Sept-08:  Two new families have been identified living in the Vancouver, BC area.  Christopher Joseph (Joe) Legassic and his wife Pamela live in Maple Ridge (outside Vancouver).  Joe is descended from Frederick Legassicke b1863 in Middlesex. 

Cal Legassicke and his wife Louise live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  Cal is descended from Benjamin John Legassicke b1861, London.  Both are descended from Benjamin Legassicke b1829 England and Mary Ann Law.  Benjamin's father is John b


A descendents chart for these families can be found at:  John Legassicke b abt1800




o Desmond Herbert LeGassick, 1954 - 2008

9-Sept-08:  Susan (LeGassick) Bell wrote to say that her brother, Desmond Herbert LeGassick passed away on August 13th.  Desmond was born May 26th, 1954 in Montreal & is buried at Saint Pauls Church yard in Hampton, New Brunswick next to his parents & grandparents.  He apparently had a heart condition and passed away in the early morning hours.  Desmond was married in 1960 to Carol Ann McLeod and had two children, Desmond Kyle and Nicole Ann.


-- Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.



o The  LEGASSICK Family Reunion

July 17-28th in England


Day-by-Day Photo Journal                                                                                                                
080727 Goodbye at the Train Station
080726 Dinner at The Ship
080726 Reunion & BBQ at the Caravan
080725 The Research Team
080725 George Legassick's Neighborhood in Plymouth
080725 St Andrews Church
080725 Plymouth Day-2
080724 Finding John Legassick of Tiverton
080724 Plymouth
080723 Totnes
080723 Joy's Farm
080723 Slapton
080723 Dartmouth
080722 Modbury
080722 The Legassick House
080722 Hope Cove
080722 West Alvington
080722 Ugborough
080722 Ermington
080721 Tiverton, Home of George Gassick & Family
080721 An Evening at Brian & Sharon Legassick's
080720 Longleat Estate
080720 Ashwick Court, Family Reunion and a Bar-B-Q
080719 Bath
080718 Nunney, The Church, Castle & Town
080718 Frome, Around Town
080718 Stonehenge
080717 Arriving London from Los Angeles


--end of reunion photo journal--





o Major Progress on the Family Tree / Genealogy!

8-May-08  Soon you will see the website in a new way.  Progress in research over the past 6 months has pieced together some key links and, while we're not all knitted together yet we have made some major progress.


o HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY  (Brian Legassick)

24-Jan-08  Devon, England:  Brian celebrated his 50th birthday this week and is preparing for his next 50 years.  He received a new chair for his home office so that he could be more comfortable as he ages (and works on the family's genealogy).  Brian is responsible for a major amount of all the research that has taken place on the LeGassick family and is a good place to go if you have a question.  Here he is in his new chair:


Join me in wishing him 50 more great years!



o Where Did The Time Go?

27-Jan-08:  Hard to believe that my last news update was all the way back in July of last year.  It couldn't be that there was nothing to report... no, the "reporter" was taking a break.  I embarked on several major projects, one being a new backyard-- removing the plants and shrubs and putting in a jacuzzi and new patio in the back and redoing the front yard.  Sounds simple, but for some strange reason I decided to do the work myself !  To be honest, the jacuzzi is not quite done but I can offer 'mud baths' for those interested.  I will update with a photo or two when its all done.  But for now, its time to resume the 'legacy' of the LeGassick clan.  

o Ian Legassick &  Family Move to Australia

30-Jul-2007:    As in history another Devon family of Legassick's, Ian his wife JO and children Danielle, Callum and Kate have left Plymouth to start a new life in Perth Australia.  45Ian a marine engineer had a brief time with Jo in Australia many years ago and he has at last got his wish and emigrated.  We all wish them the best of luck and look forward to visiting them on holiday in the future.  
-- Brian Legassick, cousin

o Who was Prestwood Legassicke?

29-Jul-2007:  For years there has been a cloud of uncertainty around the woman known as "Prestwood."  She married James Legassicke in 1716.  Some had thought her family name was Prestwood.  Others thought Prestwood was her given name but her family name was unknown-- until recently.  Three of the best researchers anywhere are taking a fresh shot at cracking this mystery-- they are:  Sue (Legassick) Simpson, Richard Grylls, and Guy Roberts.  Data from family wills and parish registers are painting a picture... and we will have a full report here as soon as the fact checking is concluded.


o Happy 80th Birthday...  Charles Legassick

29-Jul-2007:  Born July 11, 1927, Charles Legassick recently celebrated his 80th birthday with a full house of relatives.  The weather cleared in time to enjoy the day without getting wet.




o Alfred Jacob Legassick...

23-Jul-2007:  Courtesy of Danni LeGassick of Melbourne, Australia


o Updated Modbury Family Descendants Chart

16-Jul-2007:  There is a new descendants chart for the Modbury family.  The new chart corrects several errors and adds a couple families in the "Legassick-Crespin" family line.  Eventually descendants of this family end up in Australia.  This means that there are now two separate families (one out of Modbury and the other out of Holne) that end up in Australia.


o Transcript: Clive Le Gassick's Letter

                          on the History of the Australia Le Gassicks:

28-Jun-07:  We now have Clive Le Gassick's letter dated 1988, surfers Paradise, transcribed and on the Australia family branch.  Or, follow this link.


o Why Our Genealogy Search Matters

27-Jun-07:  This was found by Sue (Le Gassick) Spangler while searching through genealogy sites recently.



"Lives of great men all remind us,


We can make our lives sublime,


And, departing, leave behind us,


Footprints in the Sands of Time..."



Henry Longfellow: "A Psalm of Life"




In the above extract from Henry Longfellow's poem "A Psalm of Life," we are reminded that our Ancestors left Footprints in the Sands of Time for us to find--  they may be barely visible-- but they are there, if we look close enough.


We should never lose sight of the fact that our Ancestors are waiting to be found.  They have not moved-- they remain where they were buried, one, two, three or even four hundred years ago.


o Bulletin Board Added !

26-Jun-2007:  We have added a Bulletin Board feature to the site.  You can get there from the home page.  Create a username and password for yourself and begin using it today.  Or click this link.  [removed because we couldn't keep spammers out]


o Opening "Family Tree" and "Descendants Reports"

23-Jun-2007:  The Family Tree and Descendant Reports on the site are ".pdf" files.  The program that normally opens them is Adobe Acrobat Reader.  HOWEVER, Adobe's program is VERY large and takes a LONG time to load before it can open the Family Tree or Descendants Report files.  Personally, I never use it.  I strongly recommend that you use the free program called "Foxit Reader for Windows."  It is much, much, much faster.  You can download it from their site at this link:



o YOUNGEST Legassick...

20-Jun-2007:  Peter Milhench Nettleton le Gassick was born 29-May-2007, making him the youngest Legassick on the planet!  Little Peter is the son of Stuart and Loren Legassick of Providence, Rhode Island, USA and grandson of Cyril (Sandy) le Gassick of Aberdeen, Scotland.  He weighed in at 8lbs 10 oz.  Welcome to the family!

Peter Milhench Nettleton le Gassick

Pictured here at 1-day old.


o Hello Down-Under...

18-Jun-2007:  Through contact with Ted in Melbourne we have received a letter that relates the family's move to New Zealand and Australia.  The letter, from Clive LeGassick and dated 1988, identifies Jacob LeGassick b1829 and wife Margaret Hill living in the Channel Islands and their family.  More details to come.  Check out the entire branch of the family here.


o Website Overhaul

17-Jun-07:  We have made some big changes. 

This is the all new "Breaking News" section and will contain... you guessed it, the breaking news.  Read about it here first!


Also new...

Each branch of the family now has an "introduction" page which can be used to provide a brief history of that branch.  This page also makes it possible to provide as many reports or charts as we like for each branch.  The previous structure only permitted one report per family.  To visit one of the families to see the difference go here.


And also new...

We have added a number of internet addresses (url's) that point to businesses or major pages of Legassick family members.  If you have a url and would like to be added to the Links section send a message to


And Also new...

We have added a new section called "Migration out of England."  It is designed to help us track the Legassick surname as it crosses the globe.  Hopefully it will let us identify each family unit and their connection to the family's roots.

Link for more details.


Please consider writing an introduction for your branch of the family because you will certainly write something more meaningful than anyone else.


And IF you have something you want included in the Breaking News section send an email to



o New family found migrated to Canada...

16-Jun-07:  We have identified the nucleus of a family that left England and settled in Toronto between 1863 and 1865. 

Benjamin Legassick, with his wife Mary Anne and 3 of their 4 children (Katherine, Rosina and Frederick) depart for Canada.  They settle in Toronto.  It is possible that there are descendants of Frederick but we have not done enough research to know.  We have not yet identified Benjamin's parents. 

Link for more details.



o We connect with Australia !

30-Apr-07:  Brian (of Devon) made contact with Keith Edward (Ted) Legassick of Melbourne.  This is the first contact with the continent for Legassick World Search .  Ted and his wife Shirley owned the Legassick jewelry company you have probably seen on the internet... but have since sold to their 3 sons.  His children are Mandi, Darryn, Wade and Kenton.  Ted has given us some material that identifies how his family came to be in Australia and once we get that transcribed we will let you know.  Welcome Ted and family!

Link for more details.


o Welcome Sandy le Gassick of Aberdeen

30-May-07:  A new "branch" on the tree has appeared!  Sandy le Gassick has been working genealogy for his branch of the family for some time.  He is descended from William Nettleton Legassick (b1834).  This makes his branch directly related to the Samuel Searle Legassick family that migrated to America in 1841.


Sandy's son Stuart is the squash coach at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA and has a cousin (Trevor) who is a professor at the University of Michigan, USA.  Sandy is also the proud grandfather of a new baby boy... born May 29th, Peter Milhench Legassick...  He weighed in at  8lbs 10 oz.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Link for more details.


o Samuel Searle Legassick

29-May-07:  We were contacted by Peter Gallagher researching ancestry for his wife Patricia.  As it turns out Patricia is a descendant of William Legassick b1804, a brother of Samuel Searle Legassick b1802.  Samuel Searle immigrated to the United States where he settled in Iowa where his descendants still live.  Brother William stayed in England and his descendants are still there.

Link for more details.