Discovering Family




16-Jul-08 Los Angeles:  We are off to London leaving LA on the 16th and arriving on the 17th.  There will be met by Chris Simpson, handsome husband of our guru and the world's leading expert on the Legassick family, Sue (Legassick) Simpson.  A couple days in and around Frome then down to Plymouth for a week of exploring the homeland and birthplace of the Legassick family.  We are thrilled and expect to be reporting with many stories and pictures to share with you all.  Itinerary will be plenty flexible with a priority on meeting our long lost relatives, visiting the towns where early Legassick members lived and worked, and updating our genealogy database.


T-Shirts for the reunion pictured below.  Come in all sizes, male and female types, and we will find a way so that you can order one for yourself online.  Looks like this on a blue shirt:





17-Jul-08  Arrived London Heathrow and picked up by Chris Simpson.  Drove down to Frome and Sue made dinner.  We spent the evening getting to know each other and beginning to fill in the missing years... about 300 of them!




Chris and Sue (the guru) Simpson

Rich, Sue and Greg (Greg is writing the updates here)