An Evening at Brian & Sharon Legassick's

After leaving Tiverton on Monday we headed to Plymouth to meet more new family.  Sharon and Claire prepared dinner and we began to share stories of our family-- one here in England and the other in America.  Then by surprise Brian's father Charles arrived, followed by his sister Linda and husband Nigel and their  boys-- Oliver, Philip and Lewis.  We agreed to got Thursday night to see Lewis act in the Broadway musical The Baker's Wife


Cast of Characters

Charles Brian & Sharon Claire
Nigel Croft Linda (Legassick) Croft  
Oliver Croft Philip Croft Lewis Croft
Rich Le Gassick Sue (Le Gassick) Spangler Greg Le Gassick


Brian & Sharon as Teens


Thursday's show:

We packed into the car and headed to the Sterts Theatre in Upton Cross near Liskeard in Cornwall.  There was a severe accident on the roadway so we took a diversion, and when that detour got plugged we wound our way through narrow roads with 12' walls!  It was exciting.  We went  to watch the Selah youth Theatre Production Company's production of The Baker's Wife.  Philip Croft was a part of the company and played Phillipe, Dominique's friend.  The show was fabulous.  Also mentions include Linda who managed the back stage chaos and Nigel who ran the cook's kitchen.