Chances are that you grew up in a town where the only people with your Legassick name were members of your family.  Then, maybe, you heard of someone in another town, county, state, province that had the Legassick name and it made you wonder.  Time passed, years passed, and then comes the internet.  You enter a "search" and to your surprise you see pages and pages of references to the Legassick surname.  The world just got smaller!  Today the Legassick surname, which as far as we can tell originated in England (not France), is also found in Canada, the United States, Australia and South Africa.


The internet has been a miracle for those interested in genealogy.  Today there is an active team of family members all over the world doing research, and we invite you to join us.  We are attempting to identify all the living family members and all the ancestors.  500 years of a continuous family line makes for a lot of research.


The farther back in time one goes the more difficult it is to be certain about the ancestry of any one person.  Beyond the resources available on the internet like there are various other sources, including the original parish registers located throughout England.  Since our earliest family members appear to have come from the county of Devon, England we have focused on those parishes.  If you are interested in resources for further research see the LINKS section.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, IN VIEWING THE DATA one should keep in mind that while we make every attempt to verify all of our information the reader should know that as we said above, the farther back in time one goes the more tenuous the data.  In the last year new research using original parish records, transcriptions of wills and deeds has been done by Richard G. Grylls of Tring, Hertfordshire, England.  Richard's research reveals both questions and errors in our previous understanding of the earliest family members.  As a result there is a conflict between some pieces of the data presented in Richard's work and what exists in our database.  We will look closer at those conflicts and resolve them over time.  If you find discrepancies while looking at your branch of the tree please bring it to our attention.


We are presenting four views into all of our data and research as outlined below.  Depending on your interest one or more of these views ought to meet your interests.  Should you have questions or want to update or correct any information you find please send an email to


Most of the files on this site can be downloaded directly from the site using your web browser (generally a "right click" and selecting a print, export or other options).  Files which are in ".pdf" format and require a reader.  I suggest the FOXIT reader-- much faster than Adobe Acrobat and free from this site:  :





1.         Today's Families

Presents a snapshot of current-day families by geography and ancestors.  It will also provide a link to the branch where the present-day family originated.


2.         Family Branches

Using the "Legacy" genealogy program we have about 2000 family members in a database and sorted into their proper family.  This section identifies individuals who represent the "beginning" of a branch and then followed by all the descendants on that branch.  This section presents descendant charts and reports for most everyone in the database. 


3.         1600 - 1800 (Grylls Research)

In 2008 Richard Grylls (who we will introduce to you more fully) researched parish registers, wills and other sources in Devon and developed a series of family trees based on parishes.  He has created a unique and scholarly view into the earliest Legassick family members.


4.         Entire Database (Downloadable and Searchable)

This view will provide you with all of the information in the database.  You can download the file to your computer or view it online.  Either way you can use the search tools and look a the data.  This view allows you to search a name and isolate exactly where it resides among all the 2000 people in the database or family line.  If you are wondering if your are already in the Legassick database this is where to look.


(Select one of the highlighted views above)