Today's Families will take you to a section that provides an introduction to a family currently living in a geographical location. 


IF you would like a section devoted to your family please forward a message to  Putting the page(s) together is a pretty simple process once you decide what and how you would like to present it.  You can include photos (past and present), a story of your family, or even video files.  From our database we can support you with descendant charts and other reports.  One of the intentions of this site is to present both the Legassick family's history and the present-day family-- so we encourage you to participate in this section.


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Photos Descendants Are Living Today In:


Bristol, Devon

Plymouth, Devon

Frome, Somerset

Charles Legassick b1890 and Rosa Channing

Aberdeen, Scotland

Rhode Island

Francis Nettleton b1888 and Florence Annie Turner

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Portland, Oregon

Edward Charles b1902 and Joyce Ayres

Bath, Somerset

Milford on the Sea, Hampshire

William James Legassick b1886 and Lily Margaret Shorthouse

Manchester, Iowa

Samuel Searle LeGassick b1802 and Mary

Los Angeles, California

San Diego, California

Austin, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

John LeGassick b1820 and Eliza Channon/Sarah Annie Hall
Oviedo, Florida George Le Gassick b1886 and Louise Boxwell

Maple Ridge, BC

Nanaimo, BC

Victoria, BC

Toronto, ON

Yarker, ON

Chateauguay, QC

Pierrefonds, QC

Westmount, QC

Benjamin LeGassick b1829 and Mary Anne Law

Brampton, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Lakeside, New Brunswick

Herbert Legassick b1882 and Selina Winifred Steer


Toronto, Vancouver
Ronald James b1924 and Joan Braid

Ronald Stephen

Richard Kim

Christopher Joseph (Joe)

Lisa Michelle



Plymouth, Devon

Frederick John b1928 and Betty Jordan



Claude Stuart Owen LeGassick b1920 & Grace Edna Serle

  Melbourne Alfred Jacob LeGassick b1861 and Emma McCormick


Edward b1912 and Betty Dodman

Durban, South Africa Eddie Legassick abt 1885 & Charlotte Ann Retallick
Stilfontein, South Africa Eddie Legassick abt 1885 & Caroline

(see also The South Africa Story)

Pretoria, South Africa William James LeGassick abt 1905 & Hettie Ball

(see also The South Africa Story)

Johannesburg, South Africa Ernest Le Gassick,1877 & Nellie Healey

(see also The South Africa Story)