The California Le Gassick Family



In 1821 John Legassick was born to George Legassick and Elizabeth Scadgell, the 7th of eight children.  John married Eliza Channon in 1844 in Tiverton, Devon.  They began their family with a baby girl named Jessie, born in 1846.  Sometime between Jessie's birth and 1857 John, Eliza and Jessie move to Kingston, Ontario, Canada.





John Legassick 1820-1892

Born Tiverton, Devon - Buried Lompoc, California



In Kingston they lived at 75 Princess Boulevard in the center of town and just a block or so from Lake Ontario and its busy lakefront.  John is a bootmaker and once daughter Jessie marries (John McGee) he takes his son-in-law on as an apprentice.  About 1862 John and three other men pack their bags and head west in pursuit of gold in British Columbia.  They go in and out of gold camps and John tires of sore feet.  He separates from his partners and sets up a clothier shop in Vancouver, B.C. supplying miners with goods.


John  travels south into California at some point and we believe that he was in an and around what is today the Napa-Sonoma wine country and as far south as Santa Cruz and Watsonville (below San Francisco).  In 1867 he travels back to Kingston and arrives just hours before his wife dies.  He marries Sarah Annie Hall, a much younger woman and friend of his daughter.  Sarah has come from a workhouse in England at the age of 17.


John's daughter Jessie, her husband and first child move to Watsonville, California, traveling by ship via the isthmus of Panama.  John and his new wife have a son (John Alfonso) in 1868 and shortly thereafter follow Jessie to California.  In 1870 John and Sarah's second son (George) is born and 3 years later a daughter, Eva May.  John builds the "Legassick Building" on Pacific Avenue in the heart of Santa Cruz.  His shoemaker shop is downstairs and two living units are upstairs.


In 1878 John and Sarah divorce and it appears to break the family apart.  John takes his oldest son (John Alfonso) and moves to Lakeport in the wine country.  Son George, about 7 years old at the time, moves with half-sister Jessie and her family about 100 miles south to Lompoc.  Sarah takes daughter Eva May.

John Alfonso has 3 daughters from his first marriage but no sons.  He is a house painter living in the Los Angeles area.  He remarries once or twice, and leaves behind no living descendants with the Legassick surname.


George has 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls and raises his family in southern California as well (Riverside).   Only his first son (George Elmer) has children who carry on the family name.  George is the first one to spell his name as "Le Gassick" and it follows through his descendants.


Eva Mae appears as a student in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1890.  She ends up in Northern California where she lives a long life.


Thus, the lineage of today's family living in California is as follows:


1821    John Legassick


            1870 George Le Gassick


                    1892 George Elmer Le Gassick


                            1919    George Junior Le Gassick

                                        Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are living in the Los Angeles area.


                            1924    Robert Howard Le Gassick

                                        Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are living in California.



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