The Iowa Le Gassick Family


John Legassick, son of William Legassick and Eleanor Wiger, was born in 1771.  John and his  wife Sarah Searle (b1773) were both born in Buckfastleigh and presumably married there.  Their first son, Samuel Searle was born in 1802 and their second son, William was born in 1804.  A daughter, Eliza Wiger, was born in 1810.  All three children were also born in Buckfastleigh.


Samuel and Sarah's son James was born in 1830, daughter Matilda is born about 1836.  About 1841 they immigrate to America and settle on a farm in Iowa (shown below in 2006).


John and Eleanor's second son William marries Rebecca unk and have a son, William Nettleton born in 1834.  William's family remains in the Devon-Cornwall area and eventually moves north into London.



Today, Samuel's 4th Great Grandson Jason (below) lives on the family farm.


Jason, wife Jody with Jordyn, Jenevieve & James




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