Oviedo, Florida


George Gassick was born in Torquay, Devon, England in 1863, son of William Gassick and Phoebe Bond.  George married Olive Broom about 1883 and they had eight children-- only one of which is a male!  That boy is named George Le Gassick b 1863(the original family name returns in full).  George immigrates to Canada in 1904 and in 1918 registers for the military for World War I.  By the census in 1916 George moves to Edmonton, Alberta where he raises his family.  Follow the descendants chart below and you end up with the family of Jerry and Jaime and their three children Jan, Seth and Kelsey-Lee who move from Edmonton to the sunshine of Florida in 1984.  



Descendants of George Gassick b. 1863
1-George Gassick b. 1863, Torquay, Devon
+Olive Broom

|------2-Olive Legassick b. 1883

|------2-George Le Gassick b. 18 Oct 1886, Bournemouth, Dorset, England
|      +Louise Boxwell

| |--------3-Blanche J. Le Gassick b. 1911, Alberta, Canada

| |--------3-Douglas G. Le Gassick b. 1914, Alberta, Canada
|          +Ethel Marguerite Faltinson d. 21 Jun 1947

| |------------4-Jerry W. Le Gassick b. 8 Jan 1941, Edmonton, Alberta
| |            +Jacqueline (Jaime) Mae Harris b. 23 Nov 1945, Edmonton
| | |--          ---5-Janice Rachel Le Gassick b. 30 Aug 1970, Edmonton
| | |---         ---5-Seth Allen Dree Le Gassick b. 24 Aug 1973, Edmonton
| | |---         ---5-Kelsey-Lee Rene Le Gassick b. 31 Oct 1985,Edmonton

|           +Olga Gilly Brown

|------2-Phoebe Legassick b. 1890, Portsmouth Hants

|------2-Edith Legassick b. 1891, Havant Hants

|------2-Dorothy Le Gassick b. 1892, Havant Hants

|------2-Bertha Le Gassick b. 1895, Woodford Bridge, Walthamstow, Essex

|------2-Ellen Le Gassick b. 1897, Woodford Bridge, Walthamstow, Essex

|------2-Louise Le Gassick b. 1899, Woodford Bridge, Walthamstow, Essex