Pretoria, South Africa




William Legassick was born about 1887 in England, the 6th son of John Henry and Harriet Ann Legassick.  Two of William's brothers (Ernest and Edward) immigrate to South Africa between 1900 -1915 and we think that William did as well.  Two pieces of information suggest this.  First, that the two brothers come to South Africa and we can find no other families in England who are immigrating to South Africa.  And secondly, we have family living today in South Africa who descend from the marriage of a William James Legassick to a Ms Hettie Ball.  The naming of William James suggests that his father's name was also William.  So, on that basis we make the assumption and continue our search for the evidence to prove it.


Who William married is not known.  However, we are pretty sure that William's marriage produced three children; a son named William James, another son name unknown, and a daughter named Dorothy.  Little is known of Dorothy or the unnamed son.  William James however married Hettie Ball and this page is their story,



1-William James, Le Gassick b. Abt 1905, England
+Hettie Ball b. Abt 1905

|------2-Samuel Gordon Ranton (Sam) Le Gassick b. 13 Dec 1929, South Africa, d.1982, SA
|      +Patricia

| |------  3-James Gordon Ranton (Jimmy) Le Gassick b. 1 Jan 1954, South Africa
| |        +Unk
| | |------    4-Jacqueline (Jackie) Le Gassick b. 29 Mar 1973, South Africa
| | |          +Unk Mariette
| | | |------      5-Denis Mariette
| | | |------      5-Kaylin Mariette
| | |------    4-Eloise Le Gassick b. , South Africa
| | |          +Unk Maartens
| | |------    4-Michael James Le Gassick b. 9 Nov 1975, South Africa
| |            +Amanda
| |------  3-Hettie Le Gassick
|          +Unk Gerber

|------2-Olive Le Gassick
|      +Korbus Swart
| |------ 3-Koos Swart
| |------ 3-Willie Swart
| |------ 3-Karel Swart
| |------ 3-Son-4 Swart
| |------ 3-Son-5 Swart
| |------ 3-Son-6 Swart

|------2-Eunice Rose Le Gassick
|      +Cornelius Jansen Uys
| |------  3-Ivan Arthur Xavier Uys b. 15 Mar 1941, Pretoria, South Africa
| |        +Annie
| |------  3-Shirley Urrey Freda Uys b. 27 nov abt 1935
| |        +van der Spuy
| |------  3-Gordon Frederick Jansen Uys b. 27 Feb 1940

|------2-Nathen Le Gassick b. Unknown, d. Bef 2010



** Members of this branch of the family are encouraged to submit photos, story material, additions or corrections to the family tree above or the like to help construct this page and make it more accurate.



Jackie Le Gassick Mariette

Ivan Arthur Xavier Uys