The South Africa Story



While all Legassick family members share a common ancestor somewhere in the past, there are two distinct branches of Legassick families living today in South Africa. 

BRANCH-1:  The first and by far the largest descend from John Henry Legassick born about 1852.  John Henry married Harriet Ann Mallett and between 1874 and 1892 they had eight sons and a daughter.  John Henry was a stone mason and it appears that a number of his sons were as well.  Around the turn of the century if one looks at the ships carrying passengers from England to South Africa a large percentage of the passengers are masons. 

All of John Henry and Harriet Ann's children were born in St Gluvias, Penryn, Cornwall, England:

William    b. Abt 1874, d. Bef 1887
Charles    b. Abt 1875
Ernest     b. Abt 1877, d. Abt 1916
Albert     b. Abt 1879
Mabel      b. Abt 1883
Edward     b. Abt 1885
William    b. Abt 1887
Harry      b. Abt 1889
Reginald   b. Abt 1892

We now know that Ernest and Edward immigrated to South Africa between 1900 - 1910.  It appears, but we've not yet got definitive evidence, that William also immigrated to South Africa in the same time frame.

Ernest married Ellen (Nellie) Healey and had four daughters (Hilda, Mabel, Ellen, Edith) and a son (Albert Ernest).  Their descendants can be found here.

Edward (Eddie) married twice and had a total of five children. 

    Edward's first marriage was to Charlotte Ann Retallick while living in England.  Their children were (William Henry aka Harry, Mabel and Albert).  Their descendants can be found here.

    Eddie then married Caroline (last name unknown) and they had Edward John and Elaine.  Their descendants can be found here.


Finally we come to William.  More research has to be done here but what we think is that William's marriage produced three children; a son named William James, another son name unknown, and a daughter named Dorothy.  Little is known of Dorothy or the unnamed son.  William James however married Hettie Ball and their descendants can be found here.


While there are some details yet to be figured out it has taken some effort to piece together this branch of the family.  Three cheers go out to Brian Le Gassick of Johannesburg, Brian Legassick of Plymouth and Sue Legassick Simpson of Somerset.  Without their work this would not have been possible.



BRANCH-2:  The second branch are the descendants of George Victor Legassick.  Much research needs to be done here but we know that George was a Commander in the Royal Navy and led a destroyer class ship named the HMS Hesperus (H57) from March 22, 1944 to March 1945.  (Cdr. George Victor Legassick, DSC, RD, RNR)