This section makes it possible for you to download onto your computer a complete version of the Legassick database so that you can examine the data, play with it, make printouts and more!  When you click on the link below a file will be downloaded to your computer.  You will be prompted and asked if you want to RUN or SAVE the file.  I recommend that you SAVE the file.  If you do, it will save a copy on your computer and then you will then be given the opportunity to RUN it-- which is what you want to do.


To get you started... click on the binoculars in the icon tab at the top (this is the Advanced Tag feature).  Advanced Tag opens then enter your name and watch GenViewer pull up your record from the database (assuming you are in it!).  Note that you also set the search order-- Name/Surname OR Surname/Name.




GenViewer File



no longer available  22-DEC-08  

First version presenting all the information in the Legassick Family Database to date.

no longer available  24-JAN-09  

This update incorporates changes to the Benjamin Legassicke family line, adds new information to George Legassick of Hope Cove, and a few other changes and additions.

no longer available 1-MAR-09


This update incorporates:

1. Added initial outline of one of the families that immigrated to South Africa (William James b about 1905)

2. Peter & Helen's family in Plymouth, added

3. Samantha's family in San Bernardino, California (initial outline)

4. Ted & Shirley's family in Melbourne, updated

4. Tracey & Tina (daughters of Raymond & Judith, Australia), added

Open GenViewer File 5-MAR-2010  

This update includes many updates over the past 12 months but most notably new details and people living in South Africa.  There is still work to do on South Africa but this update is meant to put the latest information in the hands of those interested in pushing further.




About GenViewer:

The file that is downloaded has 2 components; first it has the GenViewer program and secondly it has the Legassick database.  The more you play with GenViewer the more effective you will be using it.  You can go to the website: for more information on GenViewer.


About the Database:

PLEASE NOTE that the Legassick Family Database is an ongoing project and is updated often-- usually once or twice a month.  When the database is updated a new version of the GenViewer will also be published to the website.  The point here is that depending on your interests you may want to insure that you check to make sure that you have the most recent update.





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