Migration out of England




One of the major objectives of the Legassick World Search is to identify who, when and how different parts of the family left England. 



At present the earliest known Legassick was Marcus Lagosek of the dioceses of Exeter (which stretched throughout Devon and Cornwall) who was given his first tonsure in 1452, and ordained Deacon in1463.


Legassicks from at least the early 1500ís lived in Ermington.  In the 1600ís they are principally found in Ermington, Holbeton, Dean Prior, Buckfastleigh, Modbury, Little Hempston, Ugborough, and Yealmpton.  References also exist of them turning up in other towns and parishes in Devon.


From Devon the Legassicks migrated to London, Cornwall, the Channel Islands and other parts of Great Britain.  In the 1800s they began to move outwards to Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other parts of the world.  Some however stayed put and continue to reside in England-- throughout London, Devon and Cornwall. 



Canada:  Four separate families moved to Canada (Benjamin, Herbert, 3 boys from the Nettleton Legassicks and a George who descends from the Tiverton (Le)Gassicks). 

-- Benjamin's descendants live across Canada today.

-- Herbert's descendants, while fewer in number, primarily live in New Brunswick.

-- The 3 Nettleton boys... Henry dies without marrying, Francis has descendants living in Florida, Ernest marries but uncertain if he has descendants.

-- George's descendants...   Perhaps 2 of them returned to England after brother Henry died.


United States:  Two Legassick men come to the United States in the 1800s (Samuel Searle and John).  Samuel settles in Iowa where his descendants live today.  John moves into California and his descendants are there today.  Late in the 1900s two other men move to the United States (Stuart and Trevor).


South Africa:  George Victor Legassick takes up residence in South Africa in 1945, possibly as a result of his naval commission.  It is not yet clear if there are other Legassick men who immigrated to South Africa.


Australia:  Alfred Jacob Le Gassick immigrates first to New Zealand and then onto Australia.  Until we find otherwise, all of the Le Gassicks  currently living in Australia are his descendants.


Below is what we know as of now:





Migrated To:



United States:


Samuel Searle Legassick   b1802, Buckfastleigh

Samuel, with his wife Mary and son James departed for the United States and settled in Iowa.  They bought a farm there and Samuel's descendants still own and manage the farm.

-- Samuel is the son of John Legassick and Sarah Searle



Kingston, Ontario, Canada

John Legassick   b1820, Tiverton

John, with his wife Eliza and daughter Jessie immigrated to Kingston, Ontario some time between 1847 and 1856.

-- John is the son of George and Elizabeth of Tiverton, m1777

After John's wife dies in 1867 he remarried and moved to California



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Benjamin Legassick   b1829, London

Benjamin b1829, with his wife Mary Anne and 3 of their 4 children (Katherine, Rosina and Frederick) depart for Canada.  They settle in Toronto.  Benjamin's descendants live today across Canada and one son appears to have migrated south into Chicago, Illinois (research is required).  Benjamin's parents (John & Elizabeth) raised their family in London.



United States: California, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

John Legassick   b1820, Tiverton

In 1869 John (b1820) left Kingston with his new wife Sarah Annie Hall and their new baby boy John Alfonso.  They settled in the Watsonville /Santa Cruz area in California (just south of San Francisco).  They had another son (George) and a daughter (Eva May).  Their descendants live today in the Los Angeles area.



New Zealand


Alfred Jacob Le Gassick   b1861, Guernsey

along with siblings Edward, Margaret (Marmie) Edith and Cissy move from the Channel Islands to Christchurch after the death of their father (Jacob b1829).

Alfred Jacob was born in London and the others were all born in Jersey.  Daughter Marmie met and married Charles Battye in 1888 and later moved back to London.


Alfred had two sons (Strathmore and Alfred William) and their ancestors (50+) live today in Australia.   

est 1890

Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada


Henry Le Gassick   b1868, Middlesex

Don't know when Henry immigrated to Canada but we do know that he is there when he dies April 19, 1909 in Thunder Bay.  Henry is one of the Nettleton boys-- his father is William Nettleton Legassick b1834, Marlybone.


1904 Edmonton, Alberta

George Le Gassick   b1886, Bournemouth, Dorset, England

George immigrates and lives in Edmonton.  Uncertain his ship name or port.  He is descended from the LeGassick/Gassick family of Tiverton.  He marries Louise Boxwell.  Some of his descendants live today in Florida.

before 1909

Toronto, Ontario

Francis (Frank) Legassick    b1866, Middlesex

Henry had 5 brothers.  When he died his death record was witnessed by Frank who was also living in Thunder Bay.  Note that another brother, Ernest, was also in Toronto (see below).  Francis had a son Frank b1900.


est 1911

Johannesburg, South Africa

Ernest Le Gassick b abt 1877, St. Gluvias, Penryn, Cornwall

Immigrates some time around 1911.  Ernest is one of eight (!) sons of John Henry Legassick b abt 1852.  His brother Edward also immigrates to South Africa and we think that a third boy from this family does as well (William).  We are still working our way through the story of the family in South Africa.

Living descendants are in Johannesburg today.


est 1911

Johannesburg, South Africa

Edward (Eddy) Le Gassick b abt 1885, St. Gluvias, Penryn, Cornwall

Immigrates some time around 1911.  Edwaard is one of eight (!) sons of John Henry Legassick b abt 1852.  His brother Ernest also immigrates to South Africa and we think that a third boy from this family does as well (William).  We are still working our way through the story of the family in South Africa.

est 1911

Johannesburg, South Africa

??? William Le Gassick

There is a 3rd family in South Africa and we have yet to identify the man who is the head of this family.  We think that it is William, another of the brothers mentioned above but more research is still required.

before 1914


Arthur Henry Legassick   b1881, Plymouth, Devon

Have his registration papers for the military for WW-I.

Donít have him in Legacy yet and donít know who his family is.  He shows up as married but record does not identify his locationócity or province.


before 1914


Alfred Wellesley Legassick   b1897

Have his registration papers for the military for WW-I

Donít have him in Legacy yet.

On form he identifies his next of kin as his mother, Caroline Dawe-LeGassick of Montreal


before 1923

Toronto, Ontario

Ernest Le Gassick   b1876, Middlesex

Don't know when Ernest went to Canada but it was before 1911:

On his military record he states that he had been a member of the Lake Superior militia for a period of 7 years.  This means that he had to be in the country of Canada certainly not later than (1918) - 7 = 1911.

1918: he registers for the military for WW-I

1923: he is in the Toronto Marriage Register so we know he is there by at least then.



New Brunswick, Canada

Herbert Legassick   b1882, Dodbrooke

Herbert, with wife Selina and their 5 children (Herbert, Sylvia, Kenneth, Desmond, David) arrive in Canada.  They travel on the ship named the "Empress of Australia" and landed in Quebec City on July 2, 1927.  They went to New Brunswick, settled in Lakeside, and lived the rest of their lives there.  The property they settled on is still in the family.  Living descendants are in New Brunswick today.


South Africa

George Victor Legassick    b1905???

A Commander in Her Majesty's Navy during WW-II takes up residence in South Africa.  His ancestors have not yet been identified but descendants live there today.



United States: Rhode Island

Stuart Neil Legassick   b1958, West Ewell, Surrey

Stuart moved from Aberdeen, Scotland to Providence, Rhode Island in 1989 to become Head Coach at Brown University.



United States: Michigan

Trevor J. Le Gassick    b1935

Trevor immigrated to the United States in _____? and is a Professor of Arabic Literature in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  His daughter Karen lives in Ann Arbor and his son Jeffrey lives in Oregon.